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. M a s s a c r e .

“ Some times. . .  Things in life are not what they always seem.   Sometimes, people are not always who they are.  And some times, possibly, more than what you can very:  Those people are not always Human.   “

There are more abnormality conditions, than there are regulated developments.  All of the genes, we’ve passed through each and every little species we’ve known.  Has just grown to such an eerie vitality.  Who has known man-to-man,  to trust the other?  Or, who has questioned the authority of our surroundings?  Dig your nose further into this precarious book,  and devour these words.  One-by-One.   Trust us.  Besides,  these are mere sets of  pages,  right? . . .

. C h a p t e r : 1 .
. P u l l  : S t r i n g s .

Collected dust skids swiftly across the beat up pavement.  The temperature is falteringly cold in this area.  And there are no better of silver storms, such as this.  The air was just filled with smoke-like pasture,  and deranged specks,  lofting around hitting the walls of this dead city.  There are so many ways to put this quality.  But I would like to keep it rather simple.  For those, who just want to know exactly what is going on.  Fine, lean in closer.  

I hate these people.  This blustering sick, illness that’s been spreading faster and faster, by the time it catches on to another section of gratified air.  It is not the boiling heat, for the air is stirring cold.  It is not the thirst, for it is always raining now.  It’s the matter that people can not handle the very situation well.  Such a poor idolism,  it makes me gag.  Knowing that these Humans can really harm each other.  You see,  there was a night when a group of scientists, woke up in cold sweat.  Wanting to question Nature’s state.  They’ve gathered,  discussing the important matters, striking hypothetically at the very spewed ideas, creating models, testing the experiments.  Until,  the twenty-eighth day,  they’ve done nothing but wrong to this blasted world.  All because they’ve wanted to test Nature’s will.  

In a this city you’re loitering in,  was once a good place.  Some where you felt safe at,  depicting on the events,  you could just feel like something was guarding you.  Now, it is as if you can not trust a single bug.  Nor the pebble resting at your foot.  Throw it.  It’s just best to huddle up and keep close to me.  I feel that I’m the only one to protect you now, child.  


(c)~XIE on Wolfhome.

Hey guys, lately, I haven't been able to log on. Due to a busy life -- and things are going fine, I suppose.  I will be updating my art on my deviant, and on my FA.  If anyone is interested in requests, contact me at: x.Still.Doll.x@Hotmail.com

Examples: None at the moment.

Sorry. C:

Take care!

~ Sylracii

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